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Advertising Request Please select for All Advertising request (Print or Digital)
Rates Direct Debit Request Apply to set up your Rates Payment by Direct Debit
Abandoned Vehicle Vehicles are only classified as abandoned if the registration has expired. Please ensure you have checked the registration dates before submitting this request. For further information refer to Abandoned Vehicle Information
Barking Dog If you have a barking dog in your neighbourhood, you are required to keep a diary of the occurences for 4 weeks. You will receive a diary via email within 2 days. Please return to Council once completed.
Rubbish Missed Bin Instructions on the web site
Hall Bookings Instructions: Please see our Venue Bookings Page for full details on all our venues, including capacity and hire fees. Please note: By submitting this request, you agree that you or your representatives will comply with the terms and conditions of hire.
Hard Waste This is a test for Hume Hard Waste.
Dog Issue Stray Dog Issue Should email on allocation and on input
Contest Infringement If you wish to contest your infringement, please complete all of the details.
Hospital Enquiry Please Note: If your enquiry is about the Merit Private Hospital then please contact them via their web sitel We appreciate your assistance.
Change Billing Address Enter your new address with your name. Please enter your previous address in the field provided
Flooding Please refer to the SES website if flooding is due to natural causes
Pump Issue Has your pump stopped working? Please enter your details
Vegetation Issue Have trees fallen in the waterway? Are roots causing pipes to crack? Please enter a reques
Water Meter Fault Please report Water Meter Faults.
Verify Property Please complete all of the fields to have access to Property information in myMerit.
Irrigation Increase Maximum Flow Rate Please refer to the web page for more information
Meter Investigation Please refer to the web site for more information
New Business Registration Verify Business Details
Registration Amendment
Angel - Test 2
IT Helpdesk Personal Hardware Fault Please take note of steps how to replicate the problem
Work Request
Shire Car Park - Major

Adding some info that I can see that Ryde have entered

Adhoc Request Adhoc Request
Officer Q and A Q and A form for Officers
Graffiti - Park - Painted Surface Graffiti concerns
Tree Issues Tree removal, tree trimming
FootPath Maintenance
Waste Concern.
Road Safety Concern